Friday, May 13, 2011

Bad experience at Craft Warehouse

I know this is a different post than I usually make but I thought I would pass on my recent experience while shopping at Craft Warehouse (Gresham, Oregon). Here is the message that I sent to the corporate office today describing my experience:

I was in your Gresham, Oregon store on 5/12/11. One of the items that I purchased was marked $4.99. I got out to my car and saw that I had been charged $5.99, so I went back in to get a $1.00 refund. The cashier proceeded to process the transaction as a refund and told me that I needed to give him my information (i.e., name, address, phone number, etc.). I asked him why he needed that information, and he told me apologetically that it was store policy and he had to have it for this transaction, and I said I didn't understand why in this particular instance he would need all that information. He then called for his supervisor, who fixed it so that it was a refund/re-ring, who then stated that besides the information he had requested before they would also need to see my drivers license. I stated that I would prefer not to give that information out unless absolutely necessary, and she stated that it was new store policy. I asked her why she just couldn't give me my dollar back, as I had paid cash for my purchase and she said that because of store policy I would have to give them my information. I complained again and she called up her store manager who could possibly override the system so I wouldn't have to give my information out. While we were waiting, the supervisor proceeded to tell the cashier that when he was done with me, that he should go back to the aisle where the product was located and change the prices. He asked why, they cost $4.99? I explained to him that there had been a mark-up and the prices hadn't been changed on the package. He then understood what his supervisor wanted him to do. (as all this is going on, I'm wondering WHY the supervisor didn't wait for me, the customer, to leave before telling the cashier to go and change the prices, or as she put it to remove the little white stickers from the product. What BAD customer service! When I worked retail, we would make the price adjustment, wait until the customer was gone, THEN go and fix the problem. You don't drag a customer into store business. I think that makes BAD business!) Anyway, when the store manager arrived she said it was now new store policy that they would need all my information for this transaction, but that she would override it for me this time and pass on my concerns about the new policy at their next store meeting. I pointed out how I thought it was unfair that they required all my personal information for a mistake THEY made in not putting the correct price on their merchandise, and how I had paid cash for my entire purchase (not like I used a debit/credit card, then I could see them needing my information to perform a credit). Also, seeing as it was only a $1 I needed returned to me, I thought it was kind of overkill to ask for all this information.

This situation has caused me not to want to return to shop at your store for a LONG time, maybe never. It left a bad impression on me and I thought you might want to know of this situation concerning new store policy and how it affects your customers. You may lose more than just my business.

Anyway, just thought I would pass this along and see if anyone else has experienced this. Also, on a funnier note, while I was there I asked an associate in the scrapbook section about a problem I was experiencing with my Sizzix Big Shot and the Spellbinders Nestabilities (problem- my shape (circle or oval) is embossing, whether I want it to or not, just in the cutting process). She said she didn't know much about the machine or the dies and she would go ask their 'EXPERT' if she knew how to prevent this. Her co-worker, the 'EXPERT' came over with a spellbinder die and asked which direction I was cutting it in (face up, or face down). I told her I didn't think it mattered in the cutting only in the embossing process after the cutting. She was surprised that the die could also emboss (she had NO clue, that that is what they are designed to do) and was wondering how I had found out about this. Pretty sad for an 'expert', huh?

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